Friday, March 8, 2013

NPCscan New Rare List

Below is a list of the new rares found in 5.2. You can copy and paste this in your
chat if you have NPCscan and it'll start scanning for these new rares. 
/npcscan add 50358 Haywire Sunreaver Construct
/npcscan add 69664 Mumta
/npcscan add 69996 Ku'lai the Skyclaw
/npcscan add 70141 Tamed Pterrorwing
/npcscan add 69997 Progenitus
/npcscan add 69998 Goda
/npcscan add 69999 God-Hulk Ramuk
/npcscan add 70000 Al'tabim the All-Seeing
/npcscan add 70001 Backbreaker Uru
/npcscan add 70002 Lu-Ban
/npcscan add 70003 Molthor
/npcscan add 69769 Zandalari Warbringer
/npcscan add 70530 Ra'sha
/npcscan add 69768 Zandalari Warscout
/npcscan add 69471 Spirit of Warlord Teng
/npcscan add 69633 Kor'dok
/npcscan add 69341 Echo of Kros
/npcscan add 69339 Electromancer Ju'le
/npcscan add 69749 Qi'nor
/npcscan add 69767 Ancient Mogu Guardian
/npcscan add 70080 Windweaver Akil'amon
/npcscan add 69396 Cera
/npcscan add 70096 War-God Dokah
/npcscan add 69161 Oondasta
/npcscan add 69099 Nalak, The Storm Lord

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