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Throne of Thunder LFR Guide Part 1 Last Stand of the Zandalari

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 Jin'rohk The Breaker


He'll toss the tanks 4 times during the fight with Thundering Throw, each time it'll be into the farthest statue from his current position, the statue will break and a puddle will form. Standing in the puddle gives you Fluidity. He casts Static Wound on the current tank, tanks will need to swap as soon as this happens. He casts Focused Lightning at ranged or healer, a ball of lightning will follow the target and explode on impact, this needs to taken outside of the main area and exploded. Exploding it creates a Lightning Fissure, you take damage when you stand in it, and passing a focused lightning through it causes Implosion, a lot of raid damage. Focused lightning dropped inside the puddles will cause a lot of damage to everyone inside, if the puddle touches a lightning fissure everyone inside takes damage. He'll channel Lightning Storm every 90 seconds, dealing big damage to the whole raid and turning the current puddle into Electrified Waters.

What to do:

Pretty straight forward fight, I'll explain by roles.

Taunt swap when he uses Static Wound. Tank him close to a puddle so everyone but the current tank can benefit from standing in the puddle for Fluidity. Do not stand in the puddle yourself. He has a huge hitbox so it may be hard to move him.

Always stand in the newly formed puddle that isn't electrified for Fluidity. Kite Focused Lightning to the outside areas and do not run it through Lightning Fissures. Stack in the middle, out of puddles during Lightning Storm. Heal hard during Lightning Storm and Static Wound.

Always stand in the newly formed puddle that isn't electrified for Fluidity. Kite Focused Lightning to the outside areas and do not run it through Lightning Fissure. Stack in the middle, out of puddles during Lightning Storm. Bloodlust once the first puddle is formed and you're standing in it.



Tank swap on 3-4 stacks of Triple Puncture. One tank on adds and one tank on boss should be okay, swap if Triple Puncture gets too high during door transitions. Don't stand in front of or behind the boss because he does Double Swipe. If he targets you for a Charge, run out from the group and don't face his head or tail at the group.

There's four doors that will open up one at a time, each one lets out a different tribe of trolls and they do something different. A Dinomancer will spawn one minute after each door opens. He will try to channel Dino-Mending on Horridon which needs to be interrupted. He drops an Orb of Control at 50% health. Clicking on it will cause Horridon to slam into the door and open the next.

Door Phase:

Northwestern Door - Farraki
Sul'lithuz Stonegazers - Casts Stone Gaze which stuns for 10 seconds, the stun can be dispelled.
Farraki Skirmisher - Melee only.
Farraki Wastewalker - Interrupt or dispel Blazing Sunlight, don't stand in Sand Traps.

North Eastern Door - Gurubashi
Gurubashi Bloodlord - Uses Rending Charge.
Gurubashi Venom Priest - Venom Bolt Volley needs to be interrupted. Summons Venomous Effusions.
Venomous Effusions - Venom Bolt Volley needs to be interrupted. Stay out of Living Poison pools that spawn under Venomous Effusion.

Southeastern Door - Drakkari
Risen Drakkari Warrior and Risen Drakkari Champion - Attack random targets. Dispel Deadly Plague.
Drakkari Frozen Warlord - Mortal Strikes the tank. Avoid stationary Frozen Orbs it summons.

Southwestern Door - Amani
Amani'ishi Protectors - Melee only.
Amani'ishi Flame Casters - Interrupt fireball.
Amani Warbear - Don't stand in front unless you're a tank.
Amani'shi Beast Shaman - dismounts the Warbear once it dies, dispel Hex of Confusion, players need to spread out 5 yards so Chain Lightning doesn't jump. Avoid Lightning Nova Totems.

Boss Phase:
After the last door is destroyed, you will have some time to dps Horridon before War-God Jalak joins in. He uses Bestial Cry which deals damage to everyone and stacks a debuff causing damage to rise. Killing Jalak will cause Horridon to Rampage, doing 100% increased damage and attack 50% faster.

What to do:

Taunt swap at 3-4 stacks of Triple Puncture depending on how much you can take. The other tank needs to pick up adds. Don't stand in Sandtrap(yellow), Living Poison(green), frozen orbs or totem range. Always tank boss so the head and tail are not facing anyone else. Face Amani Warbear away from the raid. Use your cooldowns to stay alive near the end, Horridon will hit hard once Jalak is dead.

Don't stand in Sand Traps(yellow), Living Poison(green), Frozen Orbs or Lightning Nova Totems range. Dispel Blazing Sunlight, Venom Bolt Volley, Deadly Plague and Hex of Confusion. Heal really hard after Jalak dies because the tank damage will be high.

Don't stand in Sand Traps(yellow), Living Poison(green), Frozen Orbs or Lightning Nova Totems range. Dinomancers should be priority to kill in all phases, click the orb he drops to stop the trolls from coming. Door 1: Wastewalker>Stonegazer>Skirmisher. Door 2: Venomous Effusion>Venom Priest>Bloodlord. Door 3: Frozen Warlord>Warrior>Champion. Door 4: Beast Shaman>Warbear>Flame Caster> Protector. Interrupt Blazing Sunlight, Venom Bolt Volley and Fireball. DPS the boss from the side only. Bloodlust in boss phase after all doors are down.

Council of Elders


There's 4 bosses that are up at the same time, they do not share health. Two of them will be tanked while the other two move around freely. They each have different abilities, and can be empowered by the Spirit of Gara'jal. When empowered their abilities are different and they start to gain Dark power. Once the bar fills up to full they will channel Dark Power until empowerment is removed or they wipe the raid. Dealing 25% of their health in damage will cause the empowerment to jump to a different troll and reset the Dark Power, but they will have Lingering Presence for the rest of the fight, this stacks.

Frost King Malakk
He is tanked, he needs a tank swap before 15 stacks of Frigid Assault to avoid stun. Spread out by 4 yards to avoid Biting Cold damage from spreading. While empowered, he will use Frostbite. You can either have 2 other people stack on the Frostbite target to split the damage or have the person run out and heal through it. He is the first to be empowered.

Not tanked. He uses Reckless Charge on random players, look for dust on the ground and move out of it. While empowered, he will roll for more damage and then Overload, stunning himself for 20 seconds and reflection 50% of damage taken. DPS should watch their health and not kill themselves during this.

Sul the Sandcrawler
Casts Sand Bolt at random targets, spread out by 5 yards to avoid splash damage, this can be interrupted. When interrupted, he'll melee someone so it's a good idea to have tanks gain aggro on him. He'll also cast Quicksand on random players, just move out as soon as possible, it'll slow and you'll take damage. When empowered he casts Sandstorm, which deals raid damage and turns the quicksand into Living Sand, these need to be gathered up and aoed, when they die they turn back into quicksand.

High Priestess Mar'li
Casts Wrath of the Loa at random players, when interrupted, she'll melee someone so it's a good idea to have tanks gain aggro on her.She'll summon Blessed Loa Spirit, these should be stunned and slowed and killed ASAP, if they reach the boss with the lowest health or 20 seconds have passed, that boss will be healed. When empowered her Wrath of the Loa will do shadow damage instead of holy and she'll summon Shadowed Loa Spirit which will fixate on random players, these need to be stunned and slowed and killed ASAP, if they reach the person or 20 seconds have passed that person will die.

What to do:

Tank swap on Frost King Malakk before 15 stacks of Frigid Assault. Each tank keeps aggro on either Mar'li or Sul. Interrupt Wrath of the Loa and take High Priestess Mar'li away from the other bosses so the Loa Spirit has to travel farther to get to its target. Try to keep Malakk and Sul close to the empowered target so they can be cleaved. Tank Living Sand.

Heal raid damage during Sandstorm, and high tank damage when they're tanking Living Sand. High raid damage during Kazra'jin's Overload.

Kill order is Blessed Loa Spirit/Shadowed Loa Spirit>Living Sand>Empowered Boss. Dot and cleave as much as possible, help with interrupting Sand Bolt and Wrath of the Loa when you can. Spread out by 7 yards to avoid splash damage. Bloodlust at the start.


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