Monday, March 18, 2013

Mogu Runes of Fate

Now that 5.2 is live, it's time to start hoarding the new LFR charms. The Mogu Rune of Fate works exactly like the Elder Charms of Good Fortune, but are used for an extra chance at look with Throne of Thunder, Oondasta and Nalak. Just like before, each week you can trade 90 Lesser Charms of Good Fortune for 3 Mogu Runes at the same quest giver. Elder Liao or Elder Lin will give you the quest to upgrade your runes.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Tip for Looting Tapped New Rares

If you've come across a rare while doing dailies in Isle of Thunder, chances are there are others there too. With the new changes, you can be eligible for loot if you help out with the kill. You might've tried to loot the corpse afterwards only to receive nothing. If this happens, make sure you go far enough away that the corpse disappears, and then run back so the corpse reloads on your screen. Now try looting it and you should have something.

Friday, March 8, 2013

NPCscan New Rare List

Below is a list of the new rares found in 5.2. You can copy and paste this in your
chat if you have NPCscan and it'll start scanning for these new rares. 
/npcscan add 50358 Haywire Sunreaver Construct
/npcscan add 69664 Mumta
/npcscan add 69996 Ku'lai the Skyclaw
/npcscan add 70141 Tamed Pterrorwing
/npcscan add 69997 Progenitus
/npcscan add 69998 Goda
/npcscan add 69999 God-Hulk Ramuk
/npcscan add 70000 Al'tabim the All-Seeing
/npcscan add 70001 Backbreaker Uru
/npcscan add 70002 Lu-Ban
/npcscan add 70003 Molthor
/npcscan add 69769 Zandalari Warbringer
/npcscan add 70530 Ra'sha
/npcscan add 69768 Zandalari Warscout
/npcscan add 69471 Spirit of Warlord Teng
/npcscan add 69633 Kor'dok
/npcscan add 69341 Echo of Kros
/npcscan add 69339 Electromancer Ju'le
/npcscan add 69749 Qi'nor
/npcscan add 69767 Ancient Mogu Guardian
/npcscan add 70080 Windweaver Akil'amon
/npcscan add 69396 Cera
/npcscan add 70096 War-God Dokah
/npcscan add 69161 Oondasta
/npcscan add 69099 Nalak, The Storm Lord

Thursday, March 7, 2013

5.2 Valor Vendors

You can find new valor vendors on the Isle of Thunder. It's important to note that you can pick up a 522 necklace right away, which is a big upgrade for your ilvl.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Throne of Thunder LFR

... will be open next week.

According to the blog post on
The schedule is as follows:
March 5 – Normal Throne of Thunder

March 12 – Heroic Throne of Thunder and LFR Wing 1 “Last Stand of the Zandalari”

March 19 – LFR Wing 2 “Forgotten Depths”

April 2 – LFR Wing 3 “Halls of Flesh-Shaping”

April 16 – LFR Wing 4 “Pinnacle of Storms”

Last Stand of the Zandalari will have three bosses: Jin'Rohk the Breaker, Horidon and Council of Elders.

Forgotten Depths will have you fight Tortos, Megaera and Ji-Kun.

Halls of Flesh-Shaping will feature Durumu the Forgotten, Primordius and Dark Animus.

Pinnacle of Storms has Iron Qon, Twin Consorts and Lei Shen.