Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Siege of Orgimmar Part 4 Soon

Sorry about the late update, been pretty busy. I'll have it up after Blizzcon, anyone else going?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Use Your Bonus Roll Even If You Forget Your Warforged Seal

Ever been in a boss fight with loot you want and then realize you didn't grab the bonus roll token? If you hurry and go grab your bonus tokens after the fight, you will still have the opportunity to roll. Once you have the tokens, either zone back into the instance or go to a different continent. Your bonus roll meter will pop up. This works for both raid dungeon bosses and world bosses.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Burden of Eternity and how to get one

Have you visited Timeless Isle? If you have, you probably have too many purple items already. If you have no use for the 496 items, they can be upgraded with a Burden of Eternity. The burdens are a rare drop from chests and creatures on the island, using them on any timeless token besides the trinket will yield a randomly rolled 535 iLvl item for that slot. They are also sold for 50k timeless coins from Mistweaver Ai. There are two guaranteed Burdens that you can pick up, one is pretty easy to get. It comes from the Blazing Chest, a rare chest you can only loot once per character.

The chest is located in the Ordon Sanctuary. There's a few ways to get to it.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Timeless Isle Rares NPCScan IDs

You'll need _NPCScan. You can use the Paste addon to get all this in at once or paste them one line at a time or paste a few in a macro.

/npcscan add 73158 Gander
/npcscan add 73160 Steelhorn
/npcscan add 73161 Furyshell
/npcscan add 72909 Gu'chi
/npcscan add 72245 Zesqua
/npcscan add 71919 Zhu-Gon
/npcscan add 72193 Karkanos
/npcscan add 72045 Chelon
/npcscan add 71864 Spelurk
/npcscan add 73854 Cranegnasher
/npcscan add 72048 Rattleskew
/npcscan add 72769 Jadefire
/npcscan add 73277 Leafmender
/npcscan add 72775 Bufo
/npcscan add 73282 Garnia
/npcscan add 72808 Tsavo'ka
/npcscan add 73166 Spineclaw
/npcscan add 73163 Python
/npcscan add 73157 Rock Moss
/npcscan add 73170 Osu
/npcscan add 73169 Jakur
/npcscan add 73171 Champion
/npcscan add 73175 Cinderfall
/npcscan add 73173 Urdur
/npcscan add 73172 Flintlord
/npcscan add 73167 Huolon
/npcscan add 72970 Golgannar
/npcscan add 73279 Evermaw
/npcscan add 73281 Vazuvius
/npcscan add 73174 Archiereus
/npcscan add 72032 Zvezdan