Friday, January 11, 2013

Eye of the Black Prince

I talked about part one of the legendary weapon questline here. 5.1 continues this storyline which rewards you with Eye of the Black Prince once completed.

If you've completed collecting your 10 sigils of powers and wisdoms and made your legendary gem, if not, refer to this.

Your next quest which you pick up from Wrathion is A Test of Valor. It'll take at least 6 weeks to complete if you cap your valor each week.
While you're doing this, you can start working on The Prince's Pursuit. You'll gain rep from Honored to Revered by killing players and npcs in the daily quest hub that's on the coast of Krasarang Wild. You don't need to be on the quest to get your rep, so get started on it while working on your valor.
After completing A Test of Valor you'll have two more quests.
Glory to the Horde requires you to win one of each of the new battlegrounds, Temple of Kotumogu and Silvershard Mines. I have a guide for the latter bg here.
The other quest is A Change of Command. You'll likely need a group for this since High Marshal Twinbraid and Warlord Bloodhilt both have 130 Million health.
Once you complete all this, you get The Soul of the Horde and the extra socket for your sha-touched weapon.

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