Thursday, January 10, 2013

Onyxia Solo Guide

Onyxia was updated to be a level 80 boss in Wrath. You should kill her at least once for a 22 slot bag, as well as a soul cripplingly low chance at Reins of the Onyxian Drake. She also drops some updated tier 2 gear if you like transmogging things.

The portal to Onyxia's Lair is located in Southern Dustwallow Marsh, take a taxi to Mudsprocket and it's just a short run away.

How it Works
Clear some trash to her, the trash have 800k health but shouldn't be a problem at 90. You don't need to clear all of them if you can avoid them, they don't aggro when you pull.
Phase 1 100%-65% HP
She melees for 10-20k, breathes fire for 20k, occasionally knocks back with wing buffet, standing directly behind her will also cause you to be knocked back by tail sweep. For melee, I recommend waiting until close to 65% to pop your cooldowns, she'll take flight from 65% to 40%, if you manage to burst her fast you can have her land after just one wave of drakes.
Phase 2 65%-40% HP
She'll keep casting fireballs on you while she's in the air. She'll also breathe across the room, you can see the smoke on the ground before it hits so it's easy to get out of. Whelps and Lair Guards will be summoned, you can aoe these down pretty easy, they don't have much health.
Phase 3 40%-0% HP
She'll continue using phase 1 abilities as well as a 3 second fear with bellowing roar, and you'll take damage from eruption on the ground.

What to do
She has 4 million health on 10man, it's a simple fight for ranged, melee might be a little more challenging if you can't burst her from 65% to 40% quickly.
Ranged: pop cooldowns near 70% and just burn her quickly, she won't be in the air long. Clean up the adds and kill her.
Melee: Depending on how well geared you are you might be in phase 2 for awhile. Pop your cooldowns near 70% and try to do as much damage as you can before she takes flight. Clear the adds as soon as they appear and it should be an easy kill once she lands.

Paladins can hit her with exorcism, judgment, execution sentence. Warriors can use thunder clap, heroic leap and heroic throw to damage her, you can also use throw but that's really low damage. Second Wind should keep you alive since nothing really hits that hard. DKs can hit her with icy touch and death coil. Rogues can hit her with shuriken toss and fan of knives. Enhancement shamans and druids both have spells that have range. Any Aoe directly under her will damage her.


  1. You can´t hit her with thunder clap while she´s in the air

  2. easy as hell, im a dk and even with just 2 ranged spells this is like doing a lvl 85 hc. gonna try 10 man hc next week