Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pet Battling for Lesser Charms of Good Fortune

Hate doing dailies but don't want to miss out on your 3 weekly Mogu Runes of Fate? Patch 5.2 brought a new way to obtain lesser charms in the form of pet battles. As long as you're max level, winning a pet battle of the appropriate level will give you a chance to earn some lesser charms. I've seen anywhere from 2-6 charms for a win. I'm also not sure what is the "appropriate level", forums have suggested within 5 levels of the pets you battle with. I've received charms from all the continents, but Pandaria seems to yield charms most often. I've found Amber Moth and Landro's Lil' XT to be good for taking out teams quickly. What are you favorite pets for quick battles?


  1. Yep, it's within 5 levels. Some guildies of mine have started doing this, they take level 6 pets around Org and pound on the little level 1 critters, one shotting them pretty much every time.

  2. I tried this earlier today and decided to track some stats.

    So far I've only tested vs level 1 critters in Storm Wind as I don't have any pets higher than level 6 that I can test with. With a full team of 3 level 6 pets, I kept track for 200 battles (9/10 were one shots).

    200 battles netted me 143 charms, taking 61 minutes and 40 seconds to complete.

    If anyone has kept track of the number of charms they get in higher level areas id be interested to find out if its better or not.

  3. The Unborn Val'kyr makes for a nice suicide bomb and is basically a guaranteed way to take out the hardest pet on any team. Just keep curse of doom up, spam your 1, and then Haunt when she resses after dying.