Thursday, September 12, 2013

Burden of Eternity and how to get one

Have you visited Timeless Isle? If you have, you probably have too many purple items already. If you have no use for the 496 items, they can be upgraded with a Burden of Eternity. The burdens are a rare drop from chests and creatures on the island, using them on any timeless token besides the trinket will yield a randomly rolled 535 iLvl item for that slot. They are also sold for 50k timeless coins from Mistweaver Ai. There are two guaranteed Burdens that you can pick up, one is pretty easy to get. It comes from the Blazing Chest, a rare chest you can only loot once per character.

The chest is located in the Ordon Sanctuary. There's a few ways to get to it.

1. Blazing Way - Requires Cloak, or engineering, or slowfall or Golden Glider, simply make the jump over to the other side, you'll need to be mounted to get a speed boost if you're using the glider or slowfall.

2. Highwind Albatross - This is a much slower route, hit one of the Highwind Albatross in the sky once and they'll come down and pick you up. The best spot to reach them is by Mossgreen Lake or Celestial Court next Anduin. It'll eventually make its round of the island, attack it again to make it stop.

3. Fly really high up in the air after swimming out to the fatigue zone directly north of the chest. Move forward, you'll be dismounted but the momentum should carry you in, you need to aim for the semi circle courtyard, if you don't have the cloak you will get ported out if you land in the square. You'll die without a glider or a parachute, but if you landed on the plateau you will be resurrected on there.

Once you make it on to the plateau, you'll want to make your way over to the semi circle building on the left. DO NOT enter the square courtyard or you will be ported out if you don't have the cloak. The mobs here are elite and hit pretty hard. They are soloable, but it might be better to just corpse run over to the Chest. Once you're all the way to the end of the left path, you'll find an opening into the courtyard. Try to avoid all the mobs patrolling the area and loot the chest. The two molten guardians next to it won't aggro if you stand right in front of the chest.


  1. I love the whole death to what i need thing, I do it on all my non steal classes HAH

  2. Thanks for the guide, I found it very helpful, BUT, I also found this youtube video that shows another way to do it (slow fall) without any death :D

  3. I must be an unlucky SOB, I didn't get a single burden from any chest on my DK. Not sure what's up there...