Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Timeless Isle Rares NPCScan IDs

You'll need _NPCScan. You can use the Paste addon to get all this in at once or paste them one line at a time or paste a few in a macro.

/npcscan add 73158 Gander
/npcscan add 73160 Steelhorn
/npcscan add 73161 Furyshell
/npcscan add 72909 Gu'chi
/npcscan add 72245 Zesqua
/npcscan add 71919 Zhu-Gon
/npcscan add 72193 Karkanos
/npcscan add 72045 Chelon
/npcscan add 71864 Spelurk
/npcscan add 73854 Cranegnasher
/npcscan add 72048 Rattleskew
/npcscan add 72769 Jadefire
/npcscan add 73277 Leafmender
/npcscan add 72775 Bufo
/npcscan add 73282 Garnia
/npcscan add 72808 Tsavo'ka
/npcscan add 73166 Spineclaw
/npcscan add 73163 Python
/npcscan add 73157 Rock Moss
/npcscan add 73170 Osu
/npcscan add 73169 Jakur
/npcscan add 73171 Champion
/npcscan add 73175 Cinderfall
/npcscan add 73173 Urdur
/npcscan add 73172 Flintlord
/npcscan add 73167 Huolon
/npcscan add 72970 Golgannar
/npcscan add 73279 Evermaw
/npcscan add 73281 Vazuvius
/npcscan add 73174 Archiereus
/npcscan add 72032 Zvezdan

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