Monday, November 26, 2012

Banquet Cheat Sheet

Eat all the foods

Can't figure out if you should dig into that hot steamer or chow down on the grill when presented with multiple banquets? Here's a quick fact sheet, always eat the banquet that corresponds with your primary stat if it's present, it adds an additional 25 to that stat.

Agility - Banquet of the Wok, +275 Agi
Intelligence - Banquet of the Pot, +275 Int
Spirit - Banquet of the Steamer, +275 Spi
Stamina - Banquet of the Oven, +415 Stamina,
Strength - Banquet of the Grill, +275 Str

No bonus - Banquet of the Brew, +250
All bonus - Pandaren Banquet, +275 Primary stat, +415 Stamina

Note that if you're a caster and you stuff your face with a steamer, you will be getting 275 spirit instead of intellect even if you don't heal.


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