Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Glory of the Pandaria Hero Part 2

Part 2 covers Mogu'shan Palace, Shado-Pan Monastery and Siege of Niuzao Temple.

Mogu'shan Palace

Quarrelsome Quilen Quintet

Collect all 5 to get the achievement, can be done after the dungeon is cleared, the quilens follow you after you click on them, so if you make a /tar jade quilen macro make sure whoever clicked on it is not close by or you'll end up targeting that one.
1. Directly across from the room you entered, by some stone quilens.
2.In the Trial of the King room, use /tar jade after the encounter, have whoever got the first quilen step out of the room.
3. After you go down the hidden stairs it's to the right in an alcove right before the scout. You can jump up onto a brazier and jump towards the alcove to click it.
4. In the vault room with Gekkan, inside one of the vaults that are open.
5. In one of the two rooms that are completely skippable right before you reach the final boss room. You should see four mogus guarding an orb, click it to explode the giant quilen statute to reveal the jade quilen.

Glintrok N' Roll

Either use stealth/invisibility to get by the mobs and jump down to the boss after the scout or have the tank pull everything and die at the bottom of the stairs with a soulstone/reincarnate to mass res. Gekkan and his four adds all have to die for you to get the achievement.

What Does This Button Do?

There are four lion heads in Xin the Weaponmaster's room, two each on the left and right wall of the room. In the direction you are facing when you enter the room, the top left head will spawn a crystal when Xin is at 66% health and the bottom right head will spawn a crystal at 33% health. These need to be clicked about the same time for the achievement to happen. So burn the boss hard to 33%, have two members, or a lock with a portal click both crystals.

Shado-Pan Monastery


This is a group achievement, just bind /bow to one of your moves and spam it on the novices you fight after they're defeated. It helps to assist the tank and just single target them down.

The Obvious Solution

When you go into the room with Sha of Violence, head to the left instead of engaging him and up the stairs, you'll find a containment override. Clicking on this will engage the boss and also release a bunch of adds into the room. Use all your cooldowns to stay alive and kill the adds, then kill him as normal.

Hate Leads to Suffering

Fight the boss as normal til 5-10%, wherever you're comfortable with all DPS stopping. Wait until everyone's rage bar is filled to 60, don't meditate. Kill him while enraged, you might need to use cooldowns to stay alive because of Haze of Hate.

Siege of Niuzao Temple

Where's My Air Support?

When fighting Vo'Jak, have all dps focus down the flying add that tosses bombs first. Melee can hit him by standing under him.

Return to Sender

Hit the Pa'valak with 20 of the bombs he drops when he channels his shield, there should be more than enough if everyone helps.

Run with the Wind

Stand at the edge of the bridge where you first engage Ner'onok after he flies away and starts to channel gusting wind. It should push you to the other side, once there talk to Tenwu, a Pandaren NPC who will buff you with Tenwu's Resolve and send you back to the other side. Then simply kill the boss within 2 minutes.

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