Monday, November 19, 2012

Now is a Good Time to Grind Some Rep

Starting yesterday, running until December 4th, if you log on you will receive a Celebration Package in your mail in honor of WoW's 8th anniversary.

Pilgrim's Bounty event is also running until November 25th, eating 5 servings of each type of food at the Bountiful Tables outside your major city will give you The Spirit of Sharing.

This stacks up to 18% more rep per kill, and 10% more rep per quest turn in.

In MoP most of the factions rep grinds involve dailies, but you can use this to advance your Black Prince Rep to Honored. Or farm rep in dungeons for your Pandaren faction with a tabard.

So you can use these rep buffs for some old expansion stuff like grind for The Insane title.

If you're after The Beloved title, use these buffs while they last.

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