Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Heart of Fear LFR Guide Part 2 - Nightmare of Shek'zeer

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Wind Lord Mel'jarak

Get out of the way of Whirling Blades, heal through Rain of Blades. After 75% health he'll throw Wind Bombs at people, spread out to avoid raid damage.

He has three type of adds:
Zar'thik Battle-Mender: Interrupt their Mending, dispel quickening.

Sra'thik Amber-Trapper: Puts random players and all targets within 2 yards in Amber Prison, clicking on a trapped player will free them, but you'll receive Residue debuff and won't be able to free another player for 2 minutes. Remove Corrosive Resin by moving around, each time the stack drops it'll put a voidzone on the ground, drop these away from the raid.

Kor'thik Elite Blademaster - Hits random players hard with Kor'thik Strike.

You can CC 4 of these at the start of the fight using spells or the spears on the weapon rack.

What to do:

DPS: Always kill adds first, if you're not ccing anything kill Battle-Menders>Amber-Trapper>Blademaster. Click on Amber Prison to break people out, stay spread out and don't get near Wind Bombs. You can bloodlust to burn down adds or wait til phase 2.

Healers: Heal through Rain of Blades aoe damage. stay spread out and don't get near Wind Bombs.

Tank: One tank pick up Wind Lord Mel'jarak and a blademaster if you're not ccing, other tank pick up the other adds. Cleave down the adds.

Amber-Shaper Un'sok

Phase 1: 100-70%. Kill adds, dps mutated constructs, dps boss,

Amber Scalpel is a beam that chases random players and spawns adds, dodge the beam and kill the adds. Adds leave pools that heal mutated constructs but damage everyone else, don't drop these in the raid.
Parasitic Growth will cause more damage to the player the more healing that player receives.

Turns random players into Mutated Constructs with Reshape Life, the player will die when willpower reaches zero. Constructs have 4 abilities:
1. Amber Strike - Does damage, interrupts and debuffs target, use as often as possible.
2. Struggle for Control - Stuns yourself, use to stop yourself from doing damage to the raid via Amber Explosion.
3. Consume Amber - Heals for 2 million health and restores 20% willpower.
4. Break Free - Breaks out of construct, useable after 20% hp.

Phase 2: 70%-Amber Monstrosity Dies. Kill Adds, DPS Mutated Constructs, DPS Amber Monstrocity.
He summons an Amber Monstrosity that does Amber Explosion and Massive Stomp and now takes 99% reduced damage. DPS down mutated constructs still, kill adds, kill Amber Monstrosity. Mutated players get on the Amber Monstrosity and interrupt his casts and stack the damage debuff.

Amber Monstrosity Death-0% Burn Boss.
Players will be mutated more often, don't bother freeing them, they'll be healed by the pools dropped by globules, they can restore willpower with consume amber. Burn the boss til he's dead.

What to do:

DPS: Priority for phase 1 and 2: killing is Mutated Constructs>Living Amber>Amber Monstrocity>Boss. Burn boss and use bloodlust for phase 3. Learn to use Struggle for Control when you're a mutated construct casting Amber Explosion, watch your willpower.

Healers: Don't heal too much when players are effected by Parasitic Growth. Learn to use Struggle for Control when you're a mutated construct casting Amber Explosion, watch your willpower.

Tanks: Tank boss and Amber Monstrosity. Learn to use Struggle for Control when you're a mutated construct casting Amber Explosion, use Amber Strike on Amber Monstrocity or the boss to build up damage debuff. Watch your willpower, use Consume Amber if your will power is low.

Grand Empress Shek'zeer

What she does:

Phase 1 ends at 2:30 in, or when she reaches 0 sha energy.

She drops Dissonance Fields on the ground, their health decreases each time a player casts magic, if you cast magic inside of the field their health depletes faster. After it's completely depleted it will aoe the raid with Sonic Discharge. Being inside a field puts you out of line of sight of heals and damages you.
Randomly targets players with Cry of Terror, run into a Dissonance Field to prevent damage to the raid, but you will still be damaged by the Dissonance Field.
Tanks need to swap before 5 stacks of Eyes of the Empress, which MCs you at 5 stacks.
Randomly causes damage to players with Dread Screech, spread out so it doesn't hit others.

Phase 2 ends when all adds are killed, or after another 2:30.
She summons 2 Kor'thik Reavers that need to be tanked and 6 Set'thik Windblades that fixate on random players. They all need to be kept separate because they gain Band of Valor and do more damage when they're together.

Windblades need to be interrupted when they use Dispatch, Sonic Blade will interrupt spell casting on its target. It drop sticky resin on the ground, run over it and then get together with other people with the sticky resin debuff. When you have enough resin brought together, an Amber trap will form. Trap the Reavers inside these traps and kill them.

Reavers need to be tanked facing away from the raid to avoid toxic slime, they throw poison bombs at random players and they debuff the tank with poison drenched armor, running over tanks with this debuff will increase your damage done.

Phase 3 30% health-Death
Same as phase 1 but with some new abilities. Stack up behind her.
Calamity reduces every player's health to 50%, so don't bother healing past 50%.
Sha Energy hits random players.
Consuming Terror is a cone attack that you need to get out of.
Amassing Darkness will hit everyone eventually, heal through it.
Visions of Demise hits random players, they have to run out of the group in 4 seconds, they will fear and damage the raid otherwise.

What to do:

Dps: Spread out during phase 1, burn boss, run into Dissonance Fields if you have Cry of Terror, watch your health and get out if you're low. Phase 2 interrupt Dispatch on adds, kite them if they're after you, get sticky resin and run it into the big pile to make Amber traps.  Phase 2 just stack them all up and kill them. Kill adds. Phase 3 Stack behind the boss,  avoid Consuming Terror cone attack, run out if you have Visions of Demise, burn boss use bloodlust. Run into Dissonance Fields if you have Cry of Terror, watch your health and get out if you're low. Should be able to bloodlust twice if used at the start.

Healers: Heavy healing after Dissonance Field explodes during phase 1. Run into Dissonance Fields if you have Cry of Terror, watch your health and get out if you're low. Kite Windblades during phase 2. Don't heal up past 50% during phase 3. It's really important that Dissonance Fields do not explode at the same time during phase 3.

Tanks: Tank the boss facing away from everyone. Only one tank in front of her at all times due to Eyes of the Empress in Phase 1 and 3, swap tanks before 5 stacks. Tank Reavers in phase 2, spread your poison drenched armor debuff and kite them over Amber trap to kill them. Stack them all up during phase 2 and aoe them down. Stack behind the boss during Phase 3, it's really important that Dissonance Fields do not explode at the same time during phase 3.


  1. Thank you for posting these LFR guides. They are extremely helpful as a tank going into the LFRs as they open for the first time. The description is concise but conveys all the right information.

    And the "What to do by role" section is perfect for copy/pasting in raid chat to help avoid silly amounts of wiping. I've even recommended your site in raid so that others might use this fabulous resource.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, I'm glad the LFR guides are proving to be useful.

  2. Brill guides!

    Going into LFR blind sucks, and I often get confused by the lengthy guides on websites like Icy Veins when I have no clue what the mechanics are, and I can guarantee LFR groups aren't gonna have a couple goes just to get an idea of what the fights like without people quiting. Whilst great for explaining every aspect of the harder normal and HC mode fights, they're too much for LFR. Until i get to that point, these guides have served me well!

    Thanks :)

  3. thank you. as new to tanking these raids, even if LFR is very forgiving if u forget tacts, these will help doing a better job