Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Terrace of Endless Spring LFR Guide

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Protectors of the Endless

This works like the Iron Council in Ulduar, killing one resets the others' health and they gain Sha Corruption which gives them a new ability.

Elder Regail
Casts Lightning Bolt, this is interruptable. Stuns and damages 2 players with Lightning Prison, this can be dispelled. Gets the Lightning Storm ability if he's not the first to die. Gains Overwhelming Corruption with two stacks of Sha Corruption, basically a soft enrage aoe.

Elder Asani
Casts Water Bolt, this is interruptable. Casts Cleansing Waters, kill these globes or it will heal the boss. One Sha Corruption gives him Corrupted Waters, kill these water globes that are summoned in the middle for a buff. 2 stacks of Sha Corruption gives it Overwhelming Corruption as well.

Protector Kaolan
Uses Touch of Sha which will deal damage to players until he dies. First stack of Sha Corruption gives him Defiled Ground, void zones that don't despawn. Second stack gives him Expel Corruption, also void zones.

Kill Protector Kaolan first, then Elder Regail, then Elder Asani.

What to do:

Dps:  Interrupt Lightning Bolt and Water Bolt whenever possible, kill cleansing water orbs and corrupted water orbs. Ranged stay in the middle and get buffed by Corrupted Waters when they die. Bloodlust on the last Elder. If you see a Lightning Storm, try to stand where there's no lightning, you won't die if you get hit but it's nice if you can avoid it.

Healers: Dispel Lightning Prison, stand in the middle when the Corrupted Waters orbs die to get a buff.

Tank: Tank what you can, interrupt Lightning Bolt and Water Bolt, keep Elders out of the middle if possible.


This fight has two phases, it alternates each time Tsulong's energy reaches 100.

Night Phase :
You start stacking a Dread Shadows debuff every second, this increases shadow damage taken by 10% per stack, clear this by running through Sunbeam every 10-20 stacks. Nightmares are dark circles that are placed below random players, just move out of them or be feared. Only one tank should be in front of Tsulong due to Shadow Breath damage and debuff.

Day Phase:
Heal Tsulong, stand infront of him when he does Sun Breath to receive a healing buff. Adds are summoned that need to be handled. Embodied Terrors cast Terrorize, this should be dispelled. Kill Fright Spawns as they cast Fright. Kill Unstable Sha before they reach Tsulong, they cast Unstable Bolt and they will explode.

Each time he changes phases his health is flipped, so for example if he is 75% health in Night Phase, he'll have 25% health in Day Phase. 30% health in Night Phase, 70% health in Day Phase.

What to do:

Dps: Night phase: Don't stand in Sunbeam, only run through when you have 10-20 stacks of Dread Shadows. Don't stand in front of the boss, don't get hit by swirly circles. Day Phase: Kill Unstable Sha>Fright Spawns>Embodied Terrors.

Healers: Night Phase: Don't stand in swirly circles, clear your debuff every 10-20 stacks of Dread Shadows by running through the Sunbeam. Don't stand infront of the boss. Day Phase: Stand infront of the Tsulong, heal him. When he breathes, you receive 500% healing buff and 25% mana back, spam your biggest heals on Tsulong when you have the buff. Dispel Terrorize.

Tanks: Night Phase: Switch tanks after each Shadow Breath, don't stand infront if you're not tanking, run through Sunbeam to clear your Dread Shadows. Day Phase: Tank all adds infront of the boss, Sun Breath will kill them.

Lei Shi

She cleaves with Spray which leaves a debuff, so only one tank in front of her. Get Away pushes players back, you take half damage if you run towards her while being pushed back. Hide allows her to vanish into one of the corners of the room filled with water, if she does this she can only be hit by aoe attacks, hit her enough times and she reappears, you'll know where she is by the swirly circle in the water. Protect causes Animated Protectors to spawn, mark and focus down one for protect to go away. Each 1% of health lost buffs her with Afraid.

What to do:

Dps: Aoe the 4 corners when she hides, a swirly circle will appear in the water when you find her, keep aoeing until she appears. Single target only one Animated Protector as they all despawn when one dies. Keep running towards her and dps while she's using Get Away. Don't stand in front of the boss ever. Bloodlust after 20%.

Healers: Run towards her during Get Away.

Tanks: Swap tanks when the Spray debuff gets too high, only one tank in front of her. Run towards her when she uses Get Away. Tank Animated Protectors when they spawn, mark one to focus down.

Sha of Fear

A V-Shaped cone appears infront of him, you should always stand in this unless you're killing adds. When he reaches 100 energy, he casts Breath of Fear, you will be feared if you do not stand in the cone. Pairs of Terror Spawns with frontal shields will be summoned outside of the cone, they can only be damaged from behind. They cast Penetrating Bolts on random players, move out of the blue circles on the ground. Ominous Cackle takes a tank standing in Wall of Light, and random healer and 3 dps to an outer platform. Kill the add on the platform to return, run over Sha Globe to deny the add, damage and buff yourself.

What to do:

Dps: Stand inside the cone in front of Sha of Fear, only time you leave the cone is to dps Terror Spawns from behind, make sure to run back in before the Sha reaches 100 energy or be feared. Dodge blue circles on the ground. When teleported, spread out, burn the add and pick up orbs.

Healers: Always stand inside the the cone in front of Sha of Fear, dodge blue circles on the ground. When teleported, spread out and pick up orbs.

Tanks:  There will be a glowing light circle in front of the boss, tanks must stand in it at all times. Every fourth attack the Sha does more damage so be ready. When teleported, kill the add and pick up orbs.


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