Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mogu'shan Vault LFR Guide Part 1

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The Faceroll Strat:

Tank all three on top of each other, explosions can't kill you anyways.

  • Three out of four guardians will be active 
  • When they are within 12 yards of another guardian, they start charging energy, once the energy bar hits 100 they will perform an overload for a lot of damage. 
  • Allow only the guardian casting a petrification debuff to reach 100 energy and overload to clear petrification. This debuff slows, and when stacked to 100, players turn to stone. 
  • They become solid stone and start losing energy when they're more than 12 yards apart. 
What you need to do:

  • Stay on the guardian using the petrification, you can DOT and cleave the other guardians for more damage, their health pool is shared.
  • Stay out of Amethyst Pool, don't stand near Cobalt Mines unless your raid's out of space and you need to clear the area, only do so when you have Cobalt Petrification to minimize the mine damage.
  • If you get linked to someone with Jasper Chain, either stay near that person for the rest of the encounter or wait until you have Jasper Petrification before moving apart to break it.
  • No phase changes so use cooldowns often.
  • Dispel Cobalt Mines snares.
  • Heal through overloads, they will hit everyone for around 200k.
  • Main tank picks up two guardians and always keep the one using petrification.
  • Main tank watches the energy levels of the two guardians, when the one without petrification reaches 40-50 energy, swap it with the off tank's guardian with a well coordinated taunt.
  • Off tank stands away from the main tank and holds one guardian, taunt the guardian that's not using petrification off the main tank when it's energy reaches 40-50.

Feng the Accursed

  • Phase 1 to 66% - Run out when he casts Epicenter and stack up. Avoid and Lightning Fists that travels outwards from him.
  • Phase 2 to 33% - Run away from everyone if you are debuffed with Wildfire Spark, drop your flames outside and then avoid them, when Feng casts Draw Flame the flames will go to him, so don't drop the flames in a way that it will go through the raid. Do not make more flames by touching existing flames.
  • Phase 3 to 0% - Stay close to to the boss when he casts Arcane Velocity. Do not be within 6 yards of someone when you have Arcane Resonance.
  • Casts Spirit Bolt in all phases.
What to do:

  • Avoid hazards, Bloodlust should be saved for the Phase 3. 
  • Swap tanks when Feng's debuff in each phase stacks too high, 2 should be a good time to swap for the first one, and then just swap when your debuff is cleared. Shroud of Reversal can place the debuff on the boss.
  • Each tank should click on a blue shard on the ground to get a special ability. Use these abilities to help mitigate Feng's spells and debuffs. Nullification Barrier can prevent Feng from gaining Draw Flame, this should be used twice in phase 2, at least right before 33% to stop excessive damage.
  • In Phase 1 if you purposely eat Lightning Fists with Shroud of Reversal up, you can stun him during Epicenter.

Gara'jal the Spirit Binder

  • 4 DPS and 1 healer (in LFR) should click on Spirit Totems Gara'jal summons to go into the spirit world to kill Shadowy Minions that deal raid damage and can't be damaged in the normal world. Once in the spirit world, you will have 30 seconds to do damage before returning to the real world (you are ported back automatically in LFR, in normal you will die if you don't click the special action button).
  • A tank and 3 DPS will be hit with Voodoo Dolls, the debuffed will split damage between the four until effect ends. Tank will be banished to the shadow realm when Voodoo Dolls end, help out the dps killing adds if you can, but more importantly kill the Severer of Souls within 30 seconds or you will die.
  • Going into the shadow realm drops your HP to 30%.
  • Frenzy at 20% so save bloodlust for this.
How to do it:

  • Go into the shadow world and kill Shadowy Minions, if there are no more left then leave. Should probably designate who should go in, if you have Voodoo Dolls you will not be able to go in.
  • Heal raid damage from shadowy minions, Voodoo Dolls, Gara'jal will use shadowy strike on the tank every 8 seconds for big shadow damage.
  • When you heal in the Shadow Realm you will gain a mana regen buff and dps being healed gains a haste buff, so use up all your mana with expensive heals and then get out.
  • Can't kill adds after 20%, so raid damage and tank damage will be high.
  • Gara'jal will fixate on the tank with Voodoo Dolls.
  • He hits hard every 8 seconds so be ready with cooldowns.


  1. all this stuff has helped me alot but when you que for LFR they dont tank that way, i started getting yelled at for pulling the Jade guardian away from the other 2. then for tank swapping after 2stacks with feng.

    =/ its hard to tank when people have their own way of doing things