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Mogu'shan Vault LFR Guide Part 2

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The Spirit Kings

Overview: There's 4 bosses to this encounter, they come one at a time and the next one starts as soon as the the previous one's health is depleted.

Qiang the Merciless - He's always the first one active, the rest of the spirit kings can come in any order. Everyone stack on the tank to split Massive Attack. Run behind him for Annihilate. When he casts Flanking Order, dodge the slow mogus that march diagonally across the room.

Subetai the Swift - Spread out in a circle to avoid more than one player getting hit by Volley and Rain of Arrows. DPS down the pinning arrow from Rain of Arrows. He'll jump on a random person and use Pillage, get away when he's casting this.

Zian of the Endless Shadow - Spread out more than 8 yards to avoid Charged Shadow. DPS down Undying Shadows, and then don't stand in the void zone it forms. Interrupt Shadow Blasts.

Meng the Demented - He switches between Crazed and Cowardice, but in LFR it doesn't really make a difference. Just DPS him and AOE everyone quickly when he casts Maddening Shout

Whenever one king goes down he'll continue to cast an ability until all four are dead. So you need to avoid Flanking Order and Pillage, Deal with Undying Shadows and Maddening Shout.

TLDR for each Role:

Tank: Make everyone stack on you when tanking Qiang the Merciless for Massive Attack. Run behind for Annihilate. Dodge Flanking Order. Move out of Volley on Subetai. Tank Zian and Meng normally.

Healers: Heal up raid damage on Qiang during Massive Attack, if an Undying Shadows focuses you, make sure it doesn't die in a crowded area due to the void zone it drops.

DPS: Stack on tank for Massive Attack, run behind Qiang when he uses Annihilate. Dodge Flanking Order. Spread out for Subetai and Zian, DPS down pinned players. Kill Undying Shadows away from other players. Quick AOE when he casts Maddening Shout.


Phase 1: There's an inner circle that's glowing, standing on it buffs you with Touch of the Titans. He summons Celestial Protectors, these are buffed by Touch of the Titans and cast Total Annihilation on death for AOE damage to everyone. At 85% he summons Energy Charges in the middle of the circle that go outwards to Empyreal Foci, killing a wave of these debuffs the boss with 5% extra damage taken, this continues until one reaches the focus, at which point the inner circle disappears, if you're standing on it you will die.
Phase 2: DPS down the Empyreal Focus around the room, avoid Energy Cascades which are circles on the ground. Kill Cosmic Sparks. Phase 2 will repeat again at 50% health. Save bloodlust for 20%.


Tanks: Tank Elegon away from everyone to avoid Celestial Breath, one tank picks up Celestial Protectors and move them out of the inner circle when they're close to death. Don't stand on the inner circle when Energy Charges reaches a Focus. Tank Cosmic Sparks.

Healers: Heal through Total Annihilation damage.

DPS: Stand in the inner circle, DPS Elegon, DPS Celestial Protectors, DPS Energy Charges, don't stand on the inner circle when a charge reaches the Empyreal Focus. Kill Empyreal Focus, kill Cosmic Sparks, get back on the inner circle once it's reformed, repeat.

Will of the Emperor

Jan-xi and Qin-xi use Combination Attacks when their energy bars reach 20. They will perform 5 attacks, watch them closely, they will telegraph which direction they will swing with blue slashes, avoid these by running to the opposite side of him, sometimes it'll be a stomp that stuns, you can tell it's a stomp when one of the attacks has no direction indicator and their weapon is raised, run out when this happens to avoid it. If you manage to avoid all 5 strikes, you will receive an Opportunistic Strike as your special attack button, use it for half a million damage on the boss. These take some practice to avoid, if a melee can't do it, it's better to run out completely.

Emperor's Rage spawn in twos, they can be CCed, kill them before they reach their focus targets.

Emperor's Courage fixates on the farthest away tank and can not be harmed if attacked from the front, kill these before they reach the tank.

Emperor's Strength can be tanked by DPS, they will use Energizing Smash on players they're aggroed to, telegraphed by a big circle on the ground, avoid the attack and kill them fast.

Bloodlust at 15-20%, soft enrage at 10%


Tank: Try your best to avoid combination attacks, you're not really tanking anything else once Jan-xi and Qin-xi spawn. Don't bother trying to run out during combination attacks, you will be pulled back in by the boss.

Healers: Heal combination attack damage, kite Emperor's Rage. Heal through Titan Gas.

DPS: Prioritze adds before boss, strength and courage are troublesome if they're kept up for too long. Melee can try to dodge combination attacks with the tank, but if you're not reacting fast enough, just stay out of there. Melee save DPS cooldowns for Titan Gas.

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