Thursday, October 18, 2012

Casters, reforge to expertise for more spell hit

If you need a bit more spell hit to cap (1537 rating or 15%), and your equipment already has hit rating, consider reforging into expertise. Traditionally expertise has always been a stat for melee to take dodge and parry off the hit table, but with patch 5.0.4 the stat now has some uses for casters. You can really optimize your gear by reforging for expertise on pieces that have hit rating and a secondary stat that's not very valuable to your spec. For example, a demo lock could reforge haste into expertise on a piece like the Sandals of the Shadow and get more hit rating out of it.

The reason why expertise is being converted to spell hit is to help some melee classes that cast spells (lightning bolt, exorcism, consecration) reach their spell hit cap without having to add more hit rating. For casters, it's more hit rating in exchange for a weak stat you normally wouldn't stack anyways.


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