Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hidden Klaxxi Dailies

Looking for an extra boost to your Klaxxi rep? Depending on where the dailies are located for each day, you can do one of these three hidden dailies. They all involve killing a champion mob that drop a quest item you can turn in.

Kypa'rak's Core - If the dailies active today are near the Briny Muck, look for Kypa'rak around 33, 58. He is a giant ringworm that drops Massive Kyparite Core.

The Warlord's Ashes - If the dailies are active in the Terrace of Gurthan, look for a broken Mogu statute at 66, 31. You'll know you're there if you see a green and a red rune in front of him. /Lay in the green rune and /kneel in the red rune (works better with 2 people but you can do it with one if you're fast) and he'll spawn. Kill him for Ashes of Warlord Gurthan.

The Matriarch's Maw - If your dailies are near the Clutches of Shek'zeer (41, 3) look for Karanosh, she is a giant bug type. Killing her yields Enormous Kunchong Mandibles.

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