Thursday, October 25, 2012

Glory of the Pandaria Hero Part 1

As always, finishing the dungeon achievements in MoP will reward you with a mount.

Today's post covers achievements in Scarlet Hall, Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance. As always I'll try to keep these brief.

Scarlet Halls

Humane Society
Throw the buckets of meat that are found at the entrance and in the hallway at the patrolling Vigilant Watchman surrounded by the Starving Hounds to disable them. Make sure you aim where they're going to be and not where they are. Run around Angry Hounds, don't stay near them for long or they will break their chains and attack you. And obviously don't aoe when fighting Houndmaster Braun.

Mosh Pit
There's a lot of different combinations of adds+players you can use to complete this achievement. I recommend bringing Armsmaster Harlan to low health before attempting. Count out the adds that you get and coordinate how many dps to sacrifice. If you're picked to be sacrificed, you don't need to jump in at the beginning, wait til he's around the end before getting caught up. It's possible but difficult to keep people caught in Blades of Light alive, you still get credit if you're dead.

Scarlet Monastery

Empowered Spiritualist
Dps Thalnos the Soulrender down to around 20%, kill fallen crusaders and then wait for him to summon 3 empowered spirits. Don't stop them from going into the fallen crusader adds you've killed. They will merge to form empowered zombies. The Zombies are susceptible to CC, so wait til there are three of them and then kill Thalnos.

Burning Man
Clear the entire upper courtyard including the side walkways just to be safe. Pull Brother Korloff to the three dummies on either sides of the courtyard, have the entire party stack up on the dummies, he will set them on fire with Blazing Fist or Firestorm Kick. Run out when he starts channeling, you'll know when the dummies are on fire visually. Repeat on the other side.

And Stay Dead!
Take the fight into one of the small rooms on either sides of the cathedral. Kill Commander Durmand as normal, when Whitemane comes out, interrupt her first Mass Resurrection, wait until she resses Durmand. Next time she casts Mass Resurrection, do not interrupt it. Judicators will start swarming the room, pop all cooldowns and kill them, make sure Whitemane and Durmand do not die before the adds die.


Attention to Details
Memorize what Jandice Barov looks like, then pick her out from the 15 clones she sets up. Don't attack any of them until you're sure you have the right clone. The right one should be wearing black everything with black hair down to her shoulders. This will repeat twice. If you're still having trouble, there are useful macros posted on the wowhead achievement page that should help.

Rattle No More
Either kite Rattlegore around the room or have another player taunt him when he reaches 4 stacks of Rusting.

The room after Rattlegore contains a bunch of Krastinovian Carvers and meat giants. Each time a carver dies he buffs any other carvers currently in combat with boiling bloodlust. So either pull the entire room and kill them all or pull a group at a time, always leave one alive before you pull the next group so you can stack the buff to 99.

Polyformic Acid Science
If you want to do these metas all in one shot,  you will need a disguise from Professor Slate for the achievement Polyformic Acid Science. Loot the Empty Polyformic Acid Potion from Slate, click on the potion on the table to get Polyformic Acid Potion buff. Now click on the Empty Polyformic Acid Potion in your bag to store this buff, you now have 3 charges that last for an hour each, these persist through death. Click on the potion on the table again so you have another costume on you, now you have 4 hours to kill the bosses listed below.
School's out forever
Darkmaster Gandling will randomly teleport a party member into a locked room with Expired Test Subjects. This occurs around every 45 seconds, if you kite the adds the door will open again when he teleports someone else. Wait until he's teleported everyone into a room at least once, then aoe down the adds.

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