Friday, October 12, 2012

Guide to Rares of Jade Forest

Rare mobs in Mists of Pandaria work a little different from previous expansions. These mobs spawn much more often, usually one to two hours after they are killed. When killed they will drop a piece of bind on pick up rare armor, a chance to drop a Small Bag of Goods containing gathering goods, and each rare has a special item; think vanity, epic or trinket. Killing all 56 rares will grant you the achievement Glorious! This post will cover the rares found in the Jade Forest, there are a total of 8 rares here. All rares of the same type have the same attack patterns.

Krax'ik 39, 62
Notable item: Needlefang Throatripper
Type: Mantid.
He is stealthed so you have to get close to see him. Stun or get behind him when he casts Blade Flurry, avoid tornadoes, when he casts Windsong you can not outrun him, stun him or use defensive cooldowns.

Kor'nas Nightsavage 44, 71
Notable item: Darkstaff of Annihilation
Type: Mogu Sorcerer.
Interrupt Shadow Bolt, Move out of Void Clouds.

Aethis 33, 50
Notable item: Pool-Stirrer
Type: Jinyu.
Interrupt torrent, run out of rain dance.

Mister Ferocious 42, 38
Notable item: Ook-Breaker Mace
Type: Hozen.
Run away from bananarang. Stun him when he starts going bananas or run away. Kill him before your toss filth debuff gets too high, can be blocked or bubbled off.

Ferdinand 53, 45
Notable item: Ook-Breaker Mace
Type: Yaungol
Run out when he casts Yaungol Stomp. Kite him during bellowing rage. Stay within 20 yards of him to avoid rushing charge.

Urobi the Walker 57, 71
Notable item: Pathwalker Greatstaff
Type: Pandaren
Run out of spinning crane kick. Interrupt Healing Mists. Stay within 15 yards to avoid Chi Burst.

Sarnak 64 74
Notable item: Fishsticker Crossbow (BOE)
Type: Saurok
He is in a cave at sea level. Stay within 20 yards to avoid being pulled in with Grappling Hook. Every now and then he'll Vanish and ambush you for some damage, use your damage reduction cooldowns when he does this. He'll also bleed you with Vicious Rend.

Morgrinn Crackfang 42, 17
Notable item: Fangcracker Battlemace
Type: Mogu Warrior
Get out of the way when he casts Devastating Arc. Cleave down the add when he uses Summon Quilen. Dispel Titanic Strength1 enrage or kill him before it gets to be too much.


Martar the Not-So-Smart 55, 30
Notable item: Martar's Magnifying Glass
While he's not considered a silver dragon portrait rare, he has a chance to drop an interesting trinket.

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