Friday, October 5, 2012

Get an ilvl 450 Weapon Fast

If you just hit 90, you're gonna want to upgrade your weapon, I know it's hard to let go of that sword you looted off of Deathwing that makes the tentacles, but it's gotta go. Here's an easy way to get an upgrade. Queue up for the scenario The Arena of Annihilation. Accept the quest once you're inside the instance. The arena is basically the ring of blood from the previous expansions, minus spamming in /1 for groups. Queues go pretty fast, and in about 15 minutes you'll have a respectable weapon for heroics.
Rewards are:

Maki's Mashing Mace
Satay's Stabbing Sword
Liuyang's Lovely Longstaff
Cloudbender Kobo's Chilled Crossbow
Scar-Shell's Scintillating Staff
Chagan's Cheery Chopper
Jol'Grum's Frozen Mace (Alliteration chainbreaker)
Liuyang's Light-Lit Longshank

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