Thursday, October 4, 2012

Level 90 Reputation Guide

Dailies are terrible and now there's no limit to how many you can do. It takes about two hours to do all of them every day, the ones that are unlocked anyways. 

If you only care about gear, you can stop at revered in most cases to have access the privilege to purchase valor gear, exalted usually gets you a few faction mounts and vanity items.

Valor Vendor Commander Oxheart is located behind Niuzao Temple in Townlong Steppes.

The Anglers
Located in southern Krasarang Wilds, you can skip The Anglers if you aren’t interested in mounts or fishing. A quest chain in southern Dread Wastes also gives rep.

The August Celestials
You won’t be able to do these dailies until you are revered with Golden Lotus
Valor bracers at honored. Bracer enchants, Valor boots, gloves at revered. Royal Satchel recipe at exalted.

The Tillers
Located in the middle of Valley of Four Winds, you can skip The Tillers if you don’t care about mounts or vanity items. At revered you will have access to Songbell Seeds, these can be harvested daily for a mote of harmony each. 
Golden Lotus
To get started with this rep, go to vale of eternal blossoms 56, 42, and speak with Sun Tenderheart to start the questline (H/A).
Ilvl 476 Leatherwork and Tailoring recipes, Valor rings at honored. Valor shoulders and chest at revered.

The Klaxxi
You can get honored just from doing the entire quest line, to get started with this go to Kil'ruk the Windreaver at 55, 35 Dread Wastes.
Valor neckpiece and ilvl 476 blacksmith recipes at honored. Valor pants and belts unlocked at revered.

Valor Cloaks at honored. Weapon enchants, Valor Helms and Trinkets unlocked at revered.


ILVL 489 Valor Items:
Valor pieces at honored: Bracers (August Celestial), Cloaks (Shado-Pan), Neck (Klaxxi), Rings (Golden Lotus)
Valor pieces at revered: Boots & Gloves (August Celestial), Shoulders & Chest (Golden Lotus), Pants & Belt (Klaxxi), Helms & Trinkets (Shado-Pan),
ILVL 476 Recipes:
Blacksmithing (Klaxxi – Honored), Leatherwork & Tailoring (Golden Lotus – Honored), Weapon Enchants (Shado-Pan – Revered), Bracer Enchants (August Celestial – Revered)

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